Welcome to Huntsville Neurology


The staff of Huntsville Neurology would like to welcome you to our office and wish to assure you that every effort will be made to provide you with the finest health care available.


Our many services include consultation and treatment for memory issues/confusion, Stroke/TIA , syncope/passing out spells , Tremors, Parkinson disease,  fibromyalgia syndrome, headaches/ migraines , Lower back and neck pain, seizures/epilepsy, peripheral neuropathies/neuropathic pain management,  multiple sclerosis,   myasthenia gravis, and other neurological disorders. We are equipped to provide state of the art diagnostic tests  such as  EMG and NCV's ( electromyography and nerve conduction studies ) in the office.


We believe patient involvement in the choice of treatment options will promote optimum healing and prevention of future health problems. We realize your personal health issues are of importance to you and we will treat them with respect and discretion.


The office staff at our location are here to serve you and to make your visit efficient and to your satisfaction.


Warmest Regards,

Rao Nadella M.D.and Staff